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Do Blue Blockers Work?

Do Blue Blockers Work?

Eyeglasses that filter out blue light from computers, smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular in response to concerns about problems caused by blue light overexposure.

Over the past 18 months we have all been stuck inside and whilst it has not been pleasant for most , we have been entertained by the multiple devices at our disposal.

Many eye professionals believe that the constant exposure to blue light is contributing to eye strain and eye fatigue which can lead to headaches and other problems.

Daily Blue Light Exposure

If you have a digital-based job, you probably stare at a computer screen or laptop all day, which means your eyes are doing overtime. Even outside of working hours, harmful blue light is emitted from the screens on our smartphones, tablets, and TVs, so it’s hard to switch off.

The average person consumes around 10 hours of screen time per day, so blue light glasses are well worth thinking about to ease the pressure on your eyes. They make long hours in front of a computer, gaming on a console or PC, or simply watching TV less strenuous for your eyes.

Ask us about our blue light filtering lenses

For non prescription orders we can process our blue light technology immediately and ready to ship worldwide. For adults and children.

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